7488602 - treasure island with painted sky
7488602 - treasure island with painted sky

Valuables Plus

Valuable Plus

Many valuable items are not protected at their total face value under a homeowner policy.

The quickest way for jewelry and collectibles to lose their value is if they are taken from you or damaged. Whitten Insurance will protect your most- prized possessions from the unthinkable.

– Jewelry

– Furs

– Fine art, stamps and coins

– Cameras and photography equipment

– Musical instruments

– Silverware, goldware, pewterware

– Sports equipment, golf clubs and bicycles

– Home computers

Do You Have a Question About Your Coverage?

Contact your agent ¬†today to schedule a review of your coverage. ¬†Either over the phone or in one of our three locations. We’re always happy to review your policies to insure you’re receiving the best coverage for your needs.