Whether it’s your home or your business, we want to make sure your farm has the proper coverage.

Whitten Group takes pride in protecting the agriculture industry, which plays such a vital role on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. Our experienced professionals understand the industry and find the best way to cater to our clients’ needs. We offer farm and ranch insurance that provide coverage to small rural farms, to full-size production farms with commercial exposure. We can protect your equipment, livestock and much more.

Here are some opportunities all farmers should be reviewing on their insurance policies…

Pollution Coverage –   Do you know if your covered in the event of a chemical disaster?   What limits should you have?  Has your agent offered you up to a $1,000,000 in coverage?  Chemical application is a coverage all farmers spraying crops should be covered for,  a gust of wind is all it takes for your neighbor to have a claim.

Farm Liability and Umbrella Protection –  Does your Liability and Umbrella Protection meet or exceed what your asset worth is?  In the event of a claim are you covered adequately or does your policy have wholes that could cost you 100 of thousands of dollars.  Have you spoken with your agent about how much coverage is actually need to protect your farm?

Grain Operations with Grain Complexes – Are your grain bins and dryers properly insured? Have you considered the coverage for the grain inside the tanks?

Poultry Operations-  Are your buildings insured for replacement cost? Do you have loss of income so that in the event of a claim you can still make your mortgage payments.   Loss of income makes sure that while you are recovering and out of production from a claim you can still make your loan payments and not fall behind.